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. *Girl ast. 20 ; pain in decayed teeth, left side, r after
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Pathology and Treatment of Skin Diseases (Appendix of translators on the ' ' Etiology and
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nerve ; but this appears to be doubtful. Mr Salter has related (' Guy's
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skin which truly deserves this name, and which might not more appropri-
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tion, by narrowing the rectal opening, or by occluding the rectal end of the
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It is a fair inference, from Dr. Crampton's opening
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piration. He holds, however, that Pichler underestimates the value of this
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■dose and the total number of inoculations increased, the focal reaction
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the laws in the different political divisions This,
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pears to be verv little constitutional disturbance at-
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legitimate speculation to say that if, in this embryonic
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the manuscript. Provide metric equivalents for all SI units; they will be noted
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attracted attention in that direction. The apparent homoge-
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. Rest, physiological and therapeutical, in the treat-