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most of the houses, and having, in many instances, privies
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continued for about three weeks, and occasioned some anxiety lest the kidneys
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ostitis, with thickening of bone, has been observed in a case where
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striatum, optic thalamus, or cerebral hemisphere, but to direct implication
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dinners. Scientific and technical exhibits will be presented.
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Another case, which demonstrates this point more clearly,
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vexed question. These differences of opinion were plea-
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glucose stimulates the renal cells to extraordinary activity. In
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is covered by copyright, but, as a rule, no objection
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excellent training school for nurses. The inebriate department, never a suitable
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also appear too thick for their lengths. This deficiency, together
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aneurysm shown in clinic at the Medico-Chirurgical College, however, a
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scribed, occupying a length of about tAvo inches of the vessel.
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of delicate constitution and weak hearts. In the more robust ace-
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ported by pillows, a point is then searched for, where the great-
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"The Operative Treatment of Internal Derangements of the
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Portugal, jealous of his colonial discoveries, and positive in
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symptoms which give to the disease a special physiognomy.
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that the condition is very rare in Ireland ; but it must be
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form or nitrate of silver. — Medual Times and Qazelte,
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ing on the skin, produces a general effect through the
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atory, alimentary, and other systems in the lower animals.
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It is most common, however, amongst a crowded and filthy popu-
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injlammation, and hence, the occurrence of encephalitis, as a com-
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crosses this muscle and terminating a little above the clavicle, the edge of the
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by haemolytic streptococci when examined in the operating theatres of
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Eight days after the injury vesicles developed on the penis and
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There should be found in it, besides a bottle of tested chloroform
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in five cubic centimetres of sterilized water and treated
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closely resemble these cancerous conditions. Silently ex-
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adults. A child is seized with vomiting and purging, the latter usually oc-
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treatment? Or does it ever heconie perfectly quiescent, never subsequently
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Internal and External.'* The prizes are extremely liberal, and the
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ticing in one community for over fifty years, having beai in
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Hospital; Chief Surgeon of the Carolina, Churchfield and
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the symptoms in individuul cases, if gout have retrot-wled, local mi»
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Definition. — The disease consists in a special and primitive
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51. The Recognition of the Macroscopic Structure of the
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It is, therefore, rational to class the oedematous neuroses of the
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health. Physicians whom he had consulted had treated him in every
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