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Mr. Shirley INIurphy, Health Oflicer to the London County
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vaccinators, like Squirrell, Mosely, and Lipscombe. So that
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In order to avoid delay, it is particularly requested that all letters on the
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He had been in communication with Sir George Trevelyan,
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Hadwen, W. R., L.R C.P.Lond. Taylor, D. C. P., L R.C.P.Lond.
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another town. With reference to the behaviour of sinail-pox
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registered in Dublin were equal to an annual rate of 27.9per i,OffO (against
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En order to avoid delay, It is particularly requested that all letters on the
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Dr. Arthur Davies (for Mr. Hoeder), anii carried unani-
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Correspondents who wish notice to be taken of their communications
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Dr. Cambbon : Have you ever remarked the fact of a num-
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disquieting, nor is it without siguificance that this has occurred at one
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" insomnia " is not sufficiently well known. It is too often
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case oi Mr, Graham, who was prosecuted for giving a false
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graft and of the viscera which were to be in contact were
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sheaths ; the viscid blood held the sheath, so to speak, whilst
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the ruins, at a depth of about 10 feet, near the pyramids of
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figures still. At Newcastle-upon-Tyne 14 nurses were in
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For similar reasons, when patients sufl^ering from excessive
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The native population is most prone to the disease, and the
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a conviction on evidence obtained by exhumation alone ; in
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Mr". O. A. Mobton reported this case. The disease was
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pital ; S. N. Bahington. St. Thomas's Hospital ; E. C. Bailey, King's
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although I will do my best to avoid laying myself open to the
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blood vessels and escape thus into the perivascular tissues, it
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