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The distinguishing features are the symmetrically arranged

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McGoogan, Benj. J., McFarlan, Univ. of Md., 1912 1912 1923

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more prominent symptom in mitral disease than in aortic disease.

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Saline mineral waters are sometimes helpful to cleanse the clogged

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definite is known that will explain why in one case of acute infectious

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Tliis gurgling (kochen) in the chest, which has also been called the

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cythemia the blood is more highly coagulable when drawn from the

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far as was known showed no muscular peculiarity. The patient himself

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3. In case of high fever it is important to discover whether the skin

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of thirty-nine who had died under the antitoxin treat-

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theories have been advanced in regard to the cause of

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nitz). This is entirely independent of the temperature and white blood-

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technic of hydrotherapy and Part IV. to hydriatic pre-

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R = left renal artery; L=lumbar vessels; I.M. = inferior

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soda as almost a specific. It is only to be given for two days conaeca-

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seasonably instituted. In an early stage of this disease, no one

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by compression of the openings of the venas Galeni into the straight

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or 250 reprints will be furnished instead of payment. When

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4. Bemorcl of the Lens. — The back of a rather broad curette

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sues during vital activities. . The catalase would destroy it and thus

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about the seventh day, but such cases, it seems to the author, belong

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made a great discovery and originated great thoughts, or,

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detect the existence and the site of the perforation. The

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paper on, and demonstrated, what he terms a new method

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taking cold from temporary or accidental uncovering of the patient.

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a bulky diet would hold for any other constituents the whole

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bilirubin is absorbed by the lymphatics and eliminated in the urine.

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the popular remedy with the profession for chorea.^

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he climbed over by means of the knots. Being in the choir, he struck a light

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its voice against calomel, and the Edinburg committee of

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every likelihood of many States following the good example of

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any effect. It is not more than natural that, under the

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therefore cannot be looked upon as critical; and certain it is, as

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amine the specimen of pancreatic calculi with ectasia

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A quack was indicted for the manslaughter of a boy under the following cir-

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bent director, and then freely divided. A copious discharge of