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closed. When the splinters come away by a very limited sup-

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and sever the neck of the bone. We have also sawed off the acromial

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Engelke, Charles P. & S., N. Y., '02 Waterbury.

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ing from section of the superior cerebellar peduncles in monkeys (7).

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tive committee for the safe keeping and disposal of his trust,

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on the pelvic bones. Under these circumstances the weight of the

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periostitis, inflammation of the sinuses, meningitis,

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Parents in deciding about the education of a son have

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The few cases of cancer that the writer has been able to study have shown a high

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cases of strangulated femoral hernia, in all of which

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of the great drawbacks in the prompt isolation and treatment of so-

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CALL TO ORDER — Calvin B. Heame, M.D., President, Medical Society of Del-

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uria (diabetes alternans). In a third group, gouty symptoms and glycos-

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60.8% (377/620) for 1990. Increases were greatest for

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constricted so as to present less than its normal lumen, or, while the orifice

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a complete one, and the ends of the bones were overlapping to a

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hereafter see, particularly apt to light up gastro-intestinal irri-

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did not have to take the chloroform he will not worry about

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rior lobes, for the space of three or four inches in diameter ; s|K)ls of

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existing environment at the time of application. The term may cover

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ment to ascertain whether a very low temperature not

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We have stated that the north winds have free access intd the city, and that

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The second condition pictured by Dr. Black is that in which the patient

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to the left lumbar region; from thence it descends into the left

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NaCl. Table VII gives the pH inside minus pH outside, and a com-

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something of a pocket in the floor of the pelvis, posterior

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piration of the right and left infra-clavicular regions may materially

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signs, a strong suspicion was formed that he laboured under phthisis

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penis was somewhat swollen and red ; there was intense scalding when urine was

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waistcoats under the shirt should be strictly forbidden. Water-proof

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abdominal wall is sometimes confused with ascites. Ascites is not

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