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preliminary sterilization will materially lower this mortality.

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a cheesy gland, or a tuberculous sinus may be found. Strictly speaking,

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ing on the experience for years to come. We have heard a great deal

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(loc. cit.) regarded 23 cells per field and Slack (loc. cit.) 50 cells as a

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of court-martial. Under this ruling several men were sentenced to

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organism and that of anthrax in cases of quarter evil, or, as it was

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evil by the laying on of the king's hand. The French kings,

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remarkably pure. The cellar of the house was dry, clean, and odorless, the

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spend an hour a week there towards the close of your student's

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public would require no lu-ging to be convinced of the

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to the brain substance, and as compensatory for the varying

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inferior candidates could be expected to enter the service. At

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three or four weeks ago with the fibula in the normal con-

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cause discouragement. A slight pharyngitis, the cutting of a tooth,

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the tertian parasite and mostly situated at the periphery, begin to form.

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have epidural narcotics for postoperative pain relief.

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406. Scrambled Eggs (with Fish)— Ingredients— Remnants of

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Mr. Leonard A. L. King — in elementary biology. Mr. James

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against erythematous eruptions due to external causes

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symptoms persist. Chronic bronchitis may continue during a lifetime,

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signs of pests or of their coming are apparent. Spraying is to an

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I'urtlicr instnictions) report the cases to the guardians for their instructions.

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tion, with no paralysis and no alteration in the reflex. The

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mation which such a publication is calculated to contain. To

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occurred about September 15th. The next day he went alone to Boston,

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of danger to the patient or his friends. Mania may end fatally from

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from cough. This use of the word " nerves " leads to a confusion between

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mented, rotated, polarised light to the right, and gave a positive