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Blutkorperchen etc. Fortschr. d. Medicin 1, 1883. Memorie della R. Ace. del

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list," and to give him all possible support. The meeting was then

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eningP Abortions forced after " qulchening " were branded

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• Guarantees which provide that, if the physician’s

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sulphonic acid reaction — or the method of Nef, 2 which consists in the action

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sac, and found that there was no caecum, but that the

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»horus is useful in some cases of paralysis. In a case, under my

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toms described by Erl>. The hitherto reported post-mortem examinations of

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4. Two Hundred Consecutive Cases of Diplitheria Treated

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generation of some of the nerve-fibers above the neuroma; absence of pain during the entire

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chronic, that cases come under the cognizance of the physician. And, in

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the preceding day the Queen conferred the honour of knight-

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School Luncheons. — In an editorial on this subject pub-

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same time he received the most caustic criticism from

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is a serious one from the point of view of the future usefulness

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drai/aage and all those features which scientific investigation have

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15, who complain of pain and declare themselves unable

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Influence on Circulation and Innervation. Having thus

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guishing among those categories derive not only from the

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dosage was exceeded; in the other, serum electrolytes were

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to the question, " Are these cases cured ? " he says, " No," and

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by this time the cornea had sloughed in one point, and the iris

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The tongue becomes heavily furred, and nausea and vomiting are

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the same cars. There was a total of 91 determinations for the lower

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3. If side effects such as nausea and vomiting, itching,

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with the external air. To avoid this inconvenience, the liga-

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cise as to invite other investigators to test his con-

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fewest possible words, or his reader is sure to skip them ; and in the plainest possible words, or his

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obtained a cure which has lasted for six months. It was a case

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son for the present issue. It may be expected in our next, together

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ring. Ueber Abliisung der Biudehaut des Oberlides vom