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which I afterwards obtained {see Chart, p. 86) extending back to August 14,

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of labour, it is more important to know the relative position

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temperature 98*8% pulse 112. The temperature never rose above

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to 10,000 per cubic mm., and the latter from 1 to 500 to 1 to 1200. They

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course, in such treatment special attention has to be di-

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daily urine was begun on the third dav of the diet and was

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mouth aud axilla was 98". All the muscles of the body were

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ical Association, associate editor of Minnesota Medicine

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quite impossible to determine with certainty its attachments by

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A complimentary resolution, by Dr. Happ, of Virginia, thanking the President

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combined with the external application of an anti-septic, must commend

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asclepia, institutions which were finally blotted out in

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increased, the aspect became more heavy, the weakness more marked, the articula-

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possible method of lessening their ravages is to attack them

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it was delightful to find after all that the views upon which they had all l)een

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the literature. Fritz" reports an apparently hopeless

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portions enclosed by the red lines were equipped with water-carriage sewer

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examination at first showed 5200 leukocytes, 53 per cent, hemoglobin, and

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complete palsy of limbs, face, and tongue. Although there seemed no doubt

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pointed when, in looking at the specimen itself, he sees at first nothing but a

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both ears became painful, and when she reached home it was noticed

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lous Growth near the centre of the Stomach (after Habershon), . 458

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ted point. Upon their size — and, as has already l)een

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The enema brought away two copious motions, but with no relief to the pain. On April

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In acute infantile diarrhea an acid reaction is the rule, but excep-

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the procedure. The glycerine was not found to escape

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ing lost seven of its passengers. The other goes into

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My blood-pressure is 135/80. I am still overweight, but I have

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Opium-eating.— There is another habit said to be common, the concealment