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hours old at the time of the removal does not contain visible larvae. The
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never knew him to be in a " bad humor," and that he
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urobilin and urobilinogen in the urine but no bilirubin. Exacerbations
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ivas very extensive and presanted a broad flat raised surface,
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The work of Barany, Jeger, Manasse, Marburg and Ranzi, and
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INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICE PHONE 343-0103 or 1-800-734-2045
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he had kindly prepared for my perusal, I found that there
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fever. Dengue may be recognized by the absence of albuminuria,
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as the actually formed malady — or, in the words of the author,
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thirty minims to a teaspoonftJ of the aromatic spirit of ammonia every
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absorbed, it forms hard, white or yellow cheesy masses, which
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ures," where he says : " Graves's maxims relating to the
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and report to Surgeon J. H. White for special temporary duty.
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the hands may be relieved for the time by very gentle upward rubbing
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is opened or injured, he avoided this by amputating at the joint.
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Pharynx." In 1869 I entered as interne the Royal Frederik's Hos-
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A practical inquiry into tlxe propprties of nitrate cf silver, with an account of
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these either that the kidney has become as movable as before the
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districts in an effort to ascertain not only the actual value of
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rib was small and short (3^ centimetres in length), and its outer extremity did
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tempting to regain or maintain adequate health. This
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position to decide what’s right for you. And if you
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But if, instead of employing aqueous solutions, we place
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After having thus made out a catalogue of all the symp-
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of consciousness, appears to be the condition of the patient.
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has been justified by some of the notices of his essay which have since
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commended Swaim's Panacea, and took thirteen bottles to no benefit. —
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tinuously during a period which covered at least two
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negative. Sexiuii povviM- iind desire almost nil. No ankle clonus. No irreo-iilaritv
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at some subsequent dressing, became infected, though in
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Here, the post mortem examination showed the exist-
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out of 639 cases of amputation, M. Salleron lost 224, or little less than one-