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In leoent cases, the substance of the heart often suffers no material

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of flaocidity of the cardiac walls. On the other hand, the patient is to

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not infrequently results in the speedy growth of the

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A Handbook of Medical Microscopy. By Joseph G. Richaedson,

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which have preceded it. Throughout the interest is maintained,

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more in evidence than in the treatment of mental diseases.

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near the elbow-joint. In fractures of the head and neck of the femur

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pneumonia. He served in the Civil War. He graduated

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at least in Spain and Persia ; and even in Egypt and Syria,

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the whole civilised world ; that the claim which Jenner originally made

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than during youth, and that its development is more slow and gradual

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e stertorous, in other cases suspirious and accompanied by moan-

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they had continued several weeks, he perceived pain

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ther north, elevated over 1,000 feet (higher than Muskoka),both with

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The President, Dr. Ethelbeht C. Morgan, of Washington,

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not the ground on which the practice has hitherto been

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congress of alienists and neurologists of France to be held in

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than a mouthful of words. Terminology, description,

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loped temporarily under circumstances which are sufficient to explain

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Dr. .Ianvim.n said that he was inclined to doubt the state-

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reason to beleve that the sensibility of the iris solely depends

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glazing cards, manufacturing earthen potter}', plumbing, shot-making, etc.

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on a part of the ganglionic system of nerves, by which it is enabled to

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ducts were all dilated. On opening the duodenum a soft growth Avas

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of cavity or lead to its diagnosis by emptying the cavity. The cracked-

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be reported to the Board of Health ; fewer children

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on by the slightest muscular exertions, as by coughing, loud talking,

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childhood or to a difference in the avenues and opportunities for addi-

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before the magistrates, which resulted in a conviction of an

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about 60 mm. The need of stronger currents is not to

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ordered i.o natr. bromid. to betaken in the evening.

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since the urine cleared up upon sufficient addition of

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procured. At my visit, however, the respirations were

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minated fatally in about three days; when a post-mortem

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scrotum as large as a man's head. Pain soon appeared in the left side, and pleural

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quantity of phosphoric acid being often three times

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bone marrow are for the most part polychromatophilic, and the

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