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into solutions boiled in the tins unless lead solder
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sented epileptic symptoms under the form of a sudden
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the soluble Phosphates and Albumenoids of the finest malted bariey.
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even stronger, solution of hydrogen peroxide would be necessary. Since a
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The intermittent form of hydronephrosis (Landau) is interesting from
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absolutely free from the living infecting principle,
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followed the words, Ohristus vindt; Christus regnat,
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checked by diluted Monsel's solution, and the vagina
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same, and he had no reason, he says, afterward to alter his
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the laoard of trustees, giving in full the names of the recipients
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for the bleeding to cease before the anesthetist pulses his patient to the
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little wisdom, and no useful results. Teach the student the
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turbed. This washing out of the bladder corrected the
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ear, as where acute otitis media succeeded within a day an oper-
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1898. N. Y. Medical Journal, Jan. 28 and Feb. 4, 1899. "The
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the abdominal wound and a drainage-tube introduced.
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July 4, 1914, complaining of cough, expectoration, weakness, diarrhea, fever and
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accompany and depend on it The same cause which has to-day in-
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Reporter, Phila., 1898, Ixxviii, 140-143. — Brossicr (jV)
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zation. The bloody fluid issuing from the various cut surfaces presented a tenacious appear-
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to yield to quinine,that a more careful examination led to the detec-
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sity. In ordinary cases occurring among our native citizens and old
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After relating two cases of much interest, he thus refers to them :
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losis or gout, and a proclivity to insanity or suicide; but why all
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yet infection through air is by far the more frequent and important. The
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satisfactory that Dr. Sieveking has ceased attending.
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or scrotum, accompanied by lymphangitis and painful lymphatic glands, has given
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in the rectum it was at last forced through the stricture, until,
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The patient when I satv her was a well-developed, well-nourished
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thirty-eight years of age, whom I saw two weeks ago. She said that
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a small fistulous opening in her abdominal wound, and
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