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• From the first accounts it appears that the Hospital Satur-

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At the last meeting of the Bournemouth Medical Society,

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congenital case of leprosy was never met by tliem ; (2) a possible true

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prt.tieut should be given an old rag tor liis own u^e " In answer to some

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■such areas, 1 may be permitted to quote the following para-

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Selbv, T. J., M.B.Durh., L.R.C.P., L.M.. L.R.C.S.Edin.,fL.F.P.S.Glasg.,

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Buckell, Romsey; Mr. E. J. Boustead, Hexham; Mr. W. C. Bailey,

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endemic diseases peculiar to the tropics, aggravated by the special cli-

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applied for his services, and negotiations were carried on, but

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persists in the place, there being 2 deaths. A few cases cropped up

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of treating leprosy adopted in India and elsewhere. Leprosy

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to the Soutli Devon and East Cornwall Hospital, Plymouth.

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across the abdomen two coils of small intestine, the transverse

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circumstances of those who are drawn to their ministrations.

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Wainwright.— On May I9th, at Folkestone, the wife of Lennox Waln-

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requiring a change of climate witli the view of increasirg the size of the

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The daily nurse is a combination of the private nurse employed by

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PERLiAiDr.). Lcitfaden der Hygiene des Auges. 1893.

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PuUen, R. S. MaoD., St. Bartholo- '^Vorah, R. P., Bombay.

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Navy. Statistical Report of the Health of the. 1892.

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Drs. HoNEYiiUENE, Hebblethwaite, Althobp, H. Bhonnee,

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In order to avoid delay, it is particularly requested that all letters on the

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gested in the report from which we have quoted, one being an

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moist throughout, and was only slightly coated with white

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highest rates 27.4 in Perth and 29 3 in Paisley. The 651 d« ths in these

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the recommendations contained therein carried into effect.

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decided to direct the Registrar to remove the name of Orlando

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Da. MiCHACD, of Yokohama, writes in the BulU'tin General

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form used was Duncan and Flockhart's pure chloroform made

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the famous American case of a wound of the skull hy a crowbar,

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greater part of the expenses of the household, while the father

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Vice-Presidents : George Thin, M.D. ; T. Colcott Fox, M.B. ;

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taries: F. Charlewood Turner, M.D., and *Anthony A. Bowlby ;

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Messrs. Walters employ two hollow, kidney-shaped cups,

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menced by giving the reasons why it was almost certain (1)

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Next we come (p. lii) to an interesting table giving " the

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ago, a similar dirticulty having arisen in connect'on with tbe Standing

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is founded, are to be presented to Parliament. The mass of