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Warner will open a discussion on " Feeble-minded Children ; Dia-

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ordinary manner. The body of another man, who had died of phthisis, was

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block for a sister, a year or so younger, to cut with a

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It is quite possible, of course, for a man, immediately after

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be slow and continuous, but steady. If quick, sudden traction is made,

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not very satisfactorily known, and the various opinions which have

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studied, since the disease has, with few exceptions, been accompanied by

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growth unaccompanied with the usual evidences of inflammation.

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induce poisoijiug when used over large surfaces. They are

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ing the auricular intervals and at times svnchronouslv with the a waves.

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it should be given work to do to the extent of its powers.

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stages, the saline treatment is by far the best, and Dr. Purves

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Hospital October 2. It is noted that—" Thestump is swollea

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last three or four years with pain in the region of the gall-bladder. The

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As regards the frequency of pernicious fever, statistics are almost

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tirely after death. That which causes the resolution of acute tumours,

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yellow, and gives the reaction of bile-pigment by Gmelin's test.

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ofthe bowels. ('Ann. d'llyg.,' 1855, vol. 1, p. 404.) At *o same time

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Williams, William Pi., L.R.C.P.Ed., appointed Resident Apothecary