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Fracture of Ilium. — There were two fractures of the ilium,

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After a few remarks upon the meaning of the tracings

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"If, as seems probable from the researches of Caviglia,

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Bennett, Arthur G., 213 Franklin St., Buffalo, Erie Co.

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the practitioner has at his command a restorative and reconstructive

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Read before the New York Clinical Society, April 25, 1884.

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embodied with his highly interesting work, a brief report of the

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Welland, who lost two children, a son and a daughter, from

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its operation, more closely resembles nature's mode of curing this

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' The possibility that this disease may be transmitted from parrots to

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and the cicatrices are by no means so evident as when mercury has been

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rounded by a circular layer of dense fibrinous tissue,

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the insured person is serving a term in prison or in jail

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The patient was wildly delirious, and having severe con-

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the urethra, were extracted, together with several smaller

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elevated, dark-red tumor, which ranges in size from a pea to

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n gap at the seat of division. In adult cases, and in