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to investigate the case and report upon it to the Society, and
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171-172. — t Two cases of actinomycosis. Lancet, (1905), 2, 157-8; also:
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mation as to the quality of the condensation of a lung, or of effusion
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every source of exhaustion. If, after he liad passed the fourth
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of the tumor, therefore, is due to proliferation of the original cancer-cell
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become more and more difficult. The cottage is, in fact, not
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showed strong aerobic tendencies. It grew on the majority of media, producing
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there have been no symptoms of peritonitis during life, nor have any
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and spring, but do not die out upon the approach of warm weather.
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or notes on agricultural subjects will receive careful consideration
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symptoms, and has no perceptible influence on the course of acute
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globular shell gland which fills the space between the anterior testicle and the
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tery, or when it develops during peripheral suppuration, after injuries
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have a mixed infection, and it is known that inoculation against one
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Acquired atrophy is almost always concentric— that is, the thinning
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Poisoning by carelessness is most frequently induced by copper-
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discussed the condition among cattle in Italy in 1785 under the name
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the latter that both function and nutrition of organs depend.
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ways fed at the West Riding Asylum ; and, notwithstanding
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In the beginning of the process the adventitia is also normal, but after-
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case of lymph scrotum as described by Manson or Scheube was observed,
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pus-corpuscles generated upon the free surface, but they are also
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WUligk found perforating duodenal ulcer only twice, while in seventy-
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thofee which proceed from disturbance of the aortic circulation. He
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filled up ; if the destruction was extensive, stricture of the oesophagus
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ticularly cereals — in water, air, soil, etc. Zoologically they are found in
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ulcers and condylomata of the mouth is, as a rule, Yery striking. We
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in expanding the chest, is called into vehement action. He sits up,
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singing, and, above all, urge ihe patient to resist the inclination to
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ual constipation ; and some chronic ailments, which in general terms
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done when due consideration is given to the technique developed at the
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washed away by the current of the blood, a branch of the pulmonary
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riocephalus also inhabits the small intestine. It occurs in eastern Eu-
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natural science, I pointed out more precisely what material
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same way the analysis of published cases shows that duodenal ulcer
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City Hospital. He had first tried compression and flexion,
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In the preceding chapters we have often spoken of dyspeptic symp-
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account of the severity of the original disease. If the swelling be red,
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prevail in the United States, such as pneumonia (the second in mor-
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circumstances which led irresistibly to the conclusion that
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