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process. Hence he regards them as cases of acnte myelitic ataxy. One
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Centralbl. f. prakt. Augenh., Leipz , 1897, xxi,303. — Wey-
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On examination the cervical lymph-glands were found en-
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stances, but, as a general observation, it is by no means cor-
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recommends — linseed oil in a warm bran-mash. The patient,
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of the bladder with mercuric chlorid, and the internal ad-
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simplest of remedies came to be, in his hands, wonder-
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possible with reference to a Bill which had not yet passed the
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Germany, but the results were always the same — the disease
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circulation, but involving digestion, renal action, various nerv-
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feiture of the amount of the policy. If the company was
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nents." He further says that in ten years* practice of the
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than maintained by the present edition. Besides a very thorough revision by the author, it has been
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that he had not perfect control over the left arm. His left leg
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inoculability from cattle to man. He instanced cases of young
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excrescences are commonly called " grapes," and they belong to
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Is and Stone as followers (independently from him, how-
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sonous nature of copper salts is held by Dr. T. \V.
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glandular processes, and not by the changes taking place within the
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individual labouring under gastro-encephalitis, calomel in powder was given
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of misery you were compelled to endure, when noises like the
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The heats of summ.er, the mists of autumn, and the frosts of part of
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ment of certain diseases, provided that an animal so predisposed
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