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in the carbonous metabolism, acidosis appears and the attempt has been

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By tliis means the columna was lengthened out to its

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at its lower end by the first three fingers, and the upper part should be drawn out

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Not so, however, for the general practitioner, who may not

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severe pain and vomiting. In volvulus of the intestine,

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of three cases which illustrate the matter more fully than any other

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practise lavage on the evening before the morning that the fasting

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reactivation of the Committee on Districting which is to make

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Another point which the author insists upon, is the prompt

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always vomit freely and feel much better afterwards. He

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beyond the basis of the heart, the disease may be either of the

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the jury, by inducing them to believe that the actual knowledge

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tincture when given in maximum doses, the only alternative is to seek

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occurred under the writer's observation, and he remembered

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Uniform high quality has made Sauer's the largest selling brand in the United States.

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rian dermoid without detachment 'probalily occurred

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the connecting band between the livers, formed of anastomosing

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diflereut from the common operation as to demand a special descrip-

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These repeated di'velopinents of the disease recurred several

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probably obstructs the outflow of bile — for usually the gall-bladder is

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account of the peripheral irritation of the nervous system

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From the Liao-tung peninsula the Shantung men would make their

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its meetings as a delegate from the New Haven County Society.

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— the perpetuation of the race — was in its full power.

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living and acting fibre is deteriorated, the sensorial system thrown into

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sudden pain and cessation of uterine contractions. Head

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These are salts of the double acid, sulpho-carbolic acid.

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caine.— Dr. S. A. Hazen, of Youngstown, O., wiitesthat

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nic, or their paralysis, by preventing the peristole of the stomach,

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* From the Department of Internal Medicine, Washington University,

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results has not been apparent in this condition. Richardson (Boston

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arm should be flattened down between two broad boards,

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and is not very unlikely to be employed by a person, on the

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that both originate in a grave disturbance of nutrition,

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fluid varies from case to case, and consequently the difference in density