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folds; the blood supply was good, though many rabbits showed pearty white

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agencies. This seems to be the most rampant "medical fad"

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form of two hemispherical bodies held together by in-

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natural facilities being equal. The discussion of this

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which also includes the deep muscles, the pillars of

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small susceptibility to mercury. Of this we must take our

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cede the outbreak of rapid glaucoma. (See " Royal Lon-

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rest satisfied till every good man is in our ranks, and in to stay. When

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the outside of the chest shows, that amidst all the tugging and

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will, I believe, prevent the disastrous relapses so frequently

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remarkable fluidity and dark colour of the blood, all occur much too

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escaping in a full stream, when another medical gentleman was sent

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certain amount of distrust which it does not deserve in all cases. It is

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Jenner and the Immunity Question," by Professor Ack-

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cases which have come under my charge during my time of practice may

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The only reflection on his incapacities is, that he cannot walk. " He

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found. The cause of this rise in temperature may sometimes be found

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bacillus possesses not only immunizing j)owers,but also

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mean that she shall be whisked away in an ambulance ; mutatis mu-

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into the hollow of the palpating hand in front of the abdo-

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strumentation was much greater if the patient had suffered

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the soluble products of the growth of the bacilli, has been extensively

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passes along the outer side of the cavernous sinus before entering the orbit

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radicles of the portal vein into the abdominal cavity, and from these dis-

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quickly followed exposure. In the winter of 1871-72,

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tent cause of the high mortality in our cities during the

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building available, located in city of 6,000 in south-

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active. This activity, however, does not depend upon mus-

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Anomalies of Pupillary Contraction, Pupillary Light Reflex.

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Wallace in a clinical lecture on this subject, published in the

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not found any difference. They no longer felt at the

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Tumefactions, Scurvy, Periosteal, Scrofulous, Vene-

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Post-mortem appearances. — In examining the body of a person found burnt,

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termiteute do formatifoidea. Eev. de med. y cirug. prd,ct.,

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not send for me till the next day. On my arrival I found the

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37. Successful Transfusion in a Dangerous Case of Intra- Uterine Hcemor-