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was long neglected. Certain German states first applied it to their

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terminal tufts. Excised portions showed marked hypertrophy of the

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Hellerf has also observed a case in which one of the two ureters had

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foid ni hebatsu .seru hetsubau byo no sitsukeu. (Clinical

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ciale san., Xapoli, 1893, vi, 87; 115. Also: Therap. Mo-

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acquainted with all circumstances which might reasonably affect the risk.

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Dr. GooDELL thought it pardonable to make the mistake.

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passed through an opening to the left of the pillars of the diaphragm ; the

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posing surfaces, and prevent to some degree their adhe-

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joints of the wrist or fingers, of the knees or other articulations,

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We have been looking back forty -five years. To-night

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duration, 2 hours. Paraplegia and anesthesia below lesion ; vesi-

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present, though there has been no constant pathological condition.

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setting up acute pyelitis and nephritis is increased in pro-

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on the part of our students,whether in America, France

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the dropped loops of intestine will crowd the ovary

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is met with oftener in the bodies of childixai than of adults. According i

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Also: Prov. M. J., Loud., 1885, iv, .334 - 330. — SaiKlerH

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of the umbilical vein, etc. In all these and in simi-

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last, has been indefinitely postponed in consequence of

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This paper, "The Value of Alcohol in Carbolic Acid Poison-

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fuliginous flavour of the creosote. The next day I had the

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to draw out as much pus as you like, then fill up the cavity again

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tubercular disease are not evident ; when the patient can only recline on

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Inflammations of the organ have in all probability existed since

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tainly receive their most satisfactory explanation on

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foot, however, was in bad condition — a large and deep

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preclude an expectation of further menstruation ; yet

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double the quantity. In the course of ten days the use

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food should be taken freely duriug the night. The stomach is sometimei

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on an average 53,124,000,000 were eliminated in the twenty-four

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quite so low. This incision took off a slice of the upper part of the tumor, it

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An oblique slice is cut from the inner end of the other stopper as illus-

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A still more striking result from the use of the perforator

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the sudden nattire and surrounding circumstances of the

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Although sometimes it may be impossible to induce the patient to

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with gtt, ss. of ol. phosphoratum three times a day after feeding.