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croscopic sections of it, has found in two cases disease of the gan-
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time he performed saltatory movements, not infrequently throwing himself
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Electuarium Haemorrhoidale, Electuarium Sulphuris Composi-
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this is reported from other Zander institutes ; and
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This coldness and discoloration extends upward to the
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ment. For influenza itself, Dr. Sansom seems to rely
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prehensible to any intelligent man no matter what his religion
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an essay, advances the following propositions : — 1. To
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Macleod's Theory of the Treatment of Disease adopted at Ben. Rhydding 111
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the discussion of operations on the face. The chapters on neck
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chlorid excretion, however, occurred on the next day, the second of the
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which is agonizing and may be accompanied by collapse, is situated in
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direction as we seek for the remedies of syphilis and hy-
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veins. 'WTiere the profunda vein joined the femoral was a
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watching the advance or retirement of these symptoms the solidi-
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called attention to the frequency of Basedow's disease among tuberculous
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peated at intervals varying greatly in duration in different cases. In some
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many profess to supply male attendants, is there a de-
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peritonitis, perforation, and abscess, the latter occupying a position immediately
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iodised phenol and packed with iodoform gauze for forty-eight hours.
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Health is not only the source of wealth, but it inspires confi-
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words, is the disease communicable f The affirmative is held by naaj
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shown in some cases where it was used on rabbits, ren-
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patient. Again, one or more negative examinations mean nothing
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oughly, as it was dangerous in the hands of a novice.
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the light or the dark oliject, and the pupillary reaction ap-
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nerves of special sense the close relationship of the two is
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tions of the nervous system. There can, I think, be little doubt
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Medical Treatment. — The patient must, it need hardly be said, be
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affected by boiling, and, hence, meat containing such may still be injurious
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The requisite Certificate of Examination shall be a Certifi-
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is not likely to be so severe or to show such marked changes. In ascending
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primary upset from the ether, etc., with a small wound
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sions of ease were nearly or quite entire ; in others, the pain, although divested
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cerebri may result; the serrations are cleansed with diffi-