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S. G. E. aged six years, had had the hooping cough about
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overlying skin is inflamed and (Edematous. The muscles are tender,
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red cells is increased from 7.5 to 8.5 /i (hyperglobulism), this is not
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concluded that vaginal discharges might be classified as normal and patho-
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provide these services when they really don’t. They must
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4bree or four days, so as to keep up a constant low temperature, joroed
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is now diffused throughout the tableland of Asia Minor,
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a. To thoroughly clean fresh, compound fractures of the skull,
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in the second place, where the hernia gives rise to
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disposed of in one sitting. From that time the patient has remained free of
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had no evidence of any trouble since the operation ; in fact, she
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whidi becomes almost intolerable upon his making the slightest effort
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ferent in appearance from that of the stomach, inas-
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solution; filter; to a portion of the filtrate, in a very narrow test
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Br. H. V. WOrdemann reported the case of a man with symptoms of
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10 to 30 drops, ground ginger, 2 oz., molasses, 1 lb., lin-
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For many years he spent his spare time in the study of
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Liver and spleen not perceptibly enlarged. The temper-
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