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the credit of demonstrating the dift'erence between

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mann) was stellate in shape and measured one and a half inches in its

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be allowed to determine the diagnosis as against the clear indications of the

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syphilitic iritis. In this latter case, the only clue to

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united at the bottom by a padded iron plate, and above by a

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to both physicians and lawyers. While fully covering the ground it is not

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ing </«• Horo, or whether it is the later stage of hyper-

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small abscesses. The cut surface is quite characteristic: more or less,

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state of the surrounding parts, might have been kept in apposition, were

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such as alcohol, tobacco, other street drugs, heparin, corti-

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and myocardial stimulant; and Dilaudid-analgesic and cough

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where mosquitoes, flies and ticks, as well as snakes and other

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us to believe that the result of these infective diseases is in part de-

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plied, causes retardation, or even actual arrest, of the frog's heart.

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first tried— and vice versa; from a low region to a high one, or the oppo-

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The first part of this book will be useful to all medical men who

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groups of counties arranged topographically for registration

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itiiking instancejust cited, which came under my observation, an autoptical

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urgent dyspnoea, frequent hacking cough, with Liuch muco-

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Inflammation or a follicle, or of a set of follicles

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dent, possessing a very active and retentive mind, ever anxious

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critical analysis. In conclusion, we trust that it will meet with

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that Miss Buckland believes these staves to have been used by the medi-

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more frequent and severe in temperate and changeable climates. The

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the early examination of the sputum he thought had been

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main hall, one twenty by fifteen, the other sixteen by fifteen, which are to be

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fering which can be inflicted upon mortal man." lie says in another

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resides in these living and moving molecules. It is a curious fact, too, that

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white-of-egg, or viscid, opaque mucus. The catarrhal

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as a fine fibrillary tremor, which is very marked in some patients.

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is usually increased by atropine and other mydriatics, but is