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by her mother. Four weeks previously, she had the Diphtheria,

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Mr. Hulke's design was to present Hunter as a biolo-

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(especially its arch) far more frequently than other vessels. Yet none

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disease is to be expected. Two events, relating to the skin, are of occasional

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sion. A clear cerebrospinal fluid was withdrawn containing 90 cells,

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publish my rich experiences in the domain of practical medicine,

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300 stBdants can rarely be accommcKd i'l^t^f *? geology of ^French

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changes before puberty, since the left pouch was as ca-

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this point are here reported, partly because they may have some bear-

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the future by the past, the outlook for its favorable

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for these cases. For cancer of the cervix a serious question exists

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a little below the normal. Emaciation is almost constant ; the fat disap-

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involvements of the vascular territories of the brain (aphasia, hemiplegia),

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4th and 5th of November, 1842 ; was principal medi-

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4. Uterine Souffle perceptible by Palpation. By Dr. Emil

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weeks a final reading is taken to show that no chronic state of

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them, the absorption of locally-existing poisonous substances is pro-

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Erichsen cites one case from which 462 calculi were removed

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published a case of wasp-sting in a diabetic patient, a lady of

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urethral origin, then he should inquire as to whether the patient has

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exactly what it is ; " or, " Have that breast removed, and we can tell

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fact observed, that it affects all diseases alike, and that the increased

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tion regarding its origin has been verified and the sequence

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knowledge that they could scarcely remember a duller year,

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"' '" .'^(""'^^re the essential n medial airents in

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proceeded to do it. The bowels having by a laxative and enema been

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video industry’s raison d’etre is not to deliver a program

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tem'matki od plodu. [Reverse infection with syphilis of

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e.xtent, much less than the hands and arms. L'lcers on knuckles still

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is very limited ; real improvement can only be obtained in fatty degen-

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traces of which had not entu-ely disappeared when I

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of swine from their feeding upon the flesh and excrement of other animals

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close of the year brings with it the usual output of this

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The disease begins as small, bright-red papules, firmly seated in

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vesicles should be removed. Before the virus is removed, the animal is