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diseases affecting the uterus, chronic endo-uteritis, or what may be called

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These are, on the one hand: (a) Soft systolic murmurs heard

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In summing up I may say I have endeavoured to uphold : The

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the diet bears no relation to the occurrence of pellagra. Diets

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Plate-cultures were taken on gelatin, agar, and chest-

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As has been stated, some waxy casts give the amyloid reaction i. e. y

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inner coat, which consists of a single layer of cells joined edge to

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by the mother's hemorrhage to live, but the mother made a

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blood. His demeanor was singularly calm ; — he said

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He had heard him over and over again say he couid recognize no

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aberration of mental powers — " intellect," if the term is proper —

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therapeutic effects of hydriatic applications, the prac-

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on an average it lasts for a few minutes. The attack is sometimes followed

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to use M. Bouchut's expression, may be ) has been made to feel, either in his domestic

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able, having employed it in the treatment of 296 incised

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cil and support, I believe, the decision of the Society

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But, in the existing state of our knowledge, it is convenient to consider

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ized by headache, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, and lassitude.

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