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putrefaction disappeared at once. Barbier says that he
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10. — The production of a general anesthesia con-
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Data in this report were collected under the auspices of Contract
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The first case occurred in a man of about forty years of
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tion, and we have the consequent tardy movement of the lymph,
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though he wrote little, became peculiarly eminent as a
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anal tags and tumors described when speaking of condy-
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tion" as the subject of the president's address, and "Examina-
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such cases, if it be properly consulted, together with the other
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Saline mineral waters are sometimes helpful to cleanse the clogged
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idea of the pressure may be obtained by allowing the fluid to squirt out through
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consisting chiefly m a gradual and prudent increase of
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Not so, however, for the general practitioner, who may not
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mation had been set up, we should have reason to regret the
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liver, metastasis about the entrance of the vessels to the
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"Chronic Interstitial Pneumonia," Dr. Ed. Smith, Hodgensville,
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a yellowish color. If there is a mixture of these starchy derivatives, as iriteo
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on the fifth day after the operation. The operation
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quences ; and that patients who pass three nights in succession in
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is as 3 to 5.^ Ullersperger diflers but little from Sussraildi
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to report several such cases to C. F. Barber (Brooklyn
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bath, before perspiration conies on; and in this case the leprous tcalcs are de-
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Guinea pigs were given intraabdominal injections of the blood of this cow
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hundred and twenty-first, the regular period of gestation in the
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tinued afterwards well. I may be allowed to make the fame
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RACHFORD. Med. News, April 22, 1893, p. 429. 41. RANNEY. N.Y. Med. Rec.
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given to physical and mental hygiene as most impor-
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the nature of this something; whether it is a relaxation of the coats of the
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fevers. (See Special Part, Div. 1.) This is the benigna continuitas of
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fore the disease could be arrested the opposite labium
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tiitn of Disi'Hsi's of the UL-ctuin : *• I iiin unwilling to
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occasionally called in to visit several of the patients,
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deplorable circumstances, or by the extreme debility consequent
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woik is as lolluws : The author begins with an intro-
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