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under proper treatment. The milder grades are an almost constant
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with reference to the President, P. A. Griffiths, and Secretary, R. P.
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Iicwer (A.) Report of a case of enteric fever occurrinff
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Finally, the ability to perform tasks necessitating
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and the latter is dragged on, when they are moved. The hand
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pregnancy. It emphasises the necessity for the immediate
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Alfeed Stengel, M.D. — I have always kept the large record-
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observation showed that under its influence extensive operations could
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discussion will include; (1) the biochemical effects of
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and sent to the Secretary by mail (same method now in
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failure which has nearly constantly attended every attempt to restore
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est exhibition of sang-froid and of hypocrisy she visited the village Cure,
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only for nourishment, she was discharged from the hospital, and a few weeks
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have referred to it all - question s whcrcin - the - medieal pro-
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In addition to the information contained in the obituary
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diabetes mellitus, trauma, medications during pregnancy,
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20. There is another which dissipates every tubercle, that is called phyma, and
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evaporated, the bi-urates are again deposited unchanged. They are
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his friends serious anxiety. He has decided not to under-
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It is, nevertheless, a fact that a large number of cases of disaemi-
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pulmonary ccn;umption in Great Britain. How can this mor-
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knowledge, to which the physician can at all times refer with the certainty of finding the latest
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and with suitable staining, the two cells would present an appearance closely
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count of the impossibility of nourishing the patient. If profuse
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The nearest blameworthy event is, perhaps, that one
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question was keenly discussed by the various speakers who followed.
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practically cured, 377 cases, or 6.8 per cent.; improved, 1,727 cases, or
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surrounding tissues were so extensively involved that
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appear to be so ; at any rate, some change of an important character seems