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chorea, affecting the entire left side since she was a child, in whom the limbs on
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1. The epinephrin reaction of Kreibich.^ The oxidase granules of
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results, however, were apparently perfect in both cases.
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appreciable quantities of arsenic were recoverable from the water of
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improved sterilizing apparatus and nursing-bottle, and
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had few equals in the State, and he enjoyed the friendship and
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searching philosophy. What a strange condition of mind is
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I have not used Albarran's tubes, but with their use
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such as happens in particular seasons, should be followed by the
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and the danger attributed to the lodgement of trans-
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period of thirty years ; but I have seen a perfect skeleton of the body of a
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by certain mental stigmata ; an attack of apparent paranoia
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ing on the opinions advanced by Dr. Ashhurst. One of them is in
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Also: Rec. d ophth., I'ar., 1890, 3. s., xii, 195; 263; 331.
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done as follows: The milk should be mixed and poured into the
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affected by remarks which they have had reason to believe
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pital regularly furnishes private patients. For the services of special nurses,
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year being one of great mercantile distress, the number in 1858 fell to
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at the age of about two months ; only one survived the age of eight
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sumed not only influencing, but changing completely, the composition of
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production of hemoglobinuria, has become a favorite one, and is held
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