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Resolved, That this Society would propose the first day of

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enough, when the water escapes on the removal of the

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tion of the nervous system, the intricate nature of

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month, and forty others fail to mention any such cases.

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Widal, Achaid, and Strauss some years ago called attention to the

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For the cure of the habit of either chewing or smoking

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to its narcotic effects. It is unknown as a remedy in the U.

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beyond the disease, by means of a sterilized aniline dye.

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there is any question, it is better to drain the gall-bladder.

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hemichromatopsy, while the perception of light and form was not

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to the gonococcus, and has become the routine therapeutic agent in

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tion of cow or small pox ; 3d. By abrasion, as when powdered opium or

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among them even some physicians, who still hold to the

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is no exception to the rule is indicated in several ways.

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ersy (a class of medical men who can in no respect be ranked

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lence of the disease, under varying conditions, shows

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chiefly to the severity of the injury, and the ability of

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causes, or from disorders such as tumours of the annexse, parametritis,,

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ficient normal pabulum, and indirectly to the lessened elimination of wa-:r

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with our own food-products. The real basis of the injurious effects to

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words, is public charity to supply an auxiliary means of

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or vapour of which blood is made the aliment for the vital spirit.

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the President. This was done because it was this de-

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and diagrams tending to show that an almost constant ratio is observed

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In the same way, two equally strong and healthy individuals,

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binuria are precipitated by quinin, and also that a few develop without

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followed the words, Ohristus vindt; Christus regnat,

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needs it least. Inasmuch as morphin injected hypodermically

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Another drawback is the familiar influence of bromide on the skin.

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of ferments. Early diminution of ferment production, even when HCl

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lymph, and closely connected to the sigmoid, which was twisted

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way between the imperfectly differentiated smooth and

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from cold baths was due to their antipyretic effect, and

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Of 2107 Gun-shot Wounds of the Abdomen reported from the be-

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Nervous mimicry of appendicitis may also occur in women at other

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to give way. ^N'othing but trial enables us to decide in such a ques-