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all, it does not separate into its usual constituents; having lost, by the

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found external to the artery, the cellular coat is finely injected, and the proper

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she could not feel the floor under her feet. In September of the same year

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In this case a chain of short fine sections of the artery, containing

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feet. It is a curious fact that sometimes an ataxic patient can stand with

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The termination of the operation will be when we arrive at the white or solid

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colour, at first, rather deep blue; but by adding an

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of the IxmgBy with only moderate dulnees on percussion and ac-

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have been studiously neglected by the majority of writers who

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These cases, aside from their intrinsic interest, offset

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pletely obliterated. The right cavity of the pleura was filled with one

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No. 1005. Was only nine hours in Hospital; had been seven times arti-

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source of possible error in diagnosing paralysis or other dis-

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bercular process or render it stationary, or probably

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As a means of developing the whole nature of man, the author claims

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the mass. Later on secondary changes take place due to mechanical irrita-

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to the general respiration, but inspiratory in relation to the affected

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women confined in the Edinburgh Royal Maternity Charity,

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and reported one case of hysterical hemiana'sthesia,

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tion, or any tumour within the pelvis of sufficient size to press upon the neck

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existed he should not hesitate to puncture with a trocar and

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the pus, and out of this number forty recovered. As

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given in the mortality statistics of the last census.

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Graduate entitled ^' Stripping the Seminal Vesicles for

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eurotic capsular and other fibrous tissues. These lacera-

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years hence she would be worse than she is now ; this

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The first question was raised by a resolution moved by Dr.

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both the morbidity and the mortahty figures, do not show a close

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treatment of the lying-in woman with which all are now

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greater portion of a lobe, but usually they are about the size of a walnut or

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labor was induced with th,e birth of a living child

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the air douche had been several times applied with great force. It