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you can inject beneath it quite a quantity of the normal salt solution.

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the incorporation of red blood corpuscles or blood pigment.

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better, equal measures of strong nitric and sulphuric acids, convert

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cided upon. An incision was made in the lower third of

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This ought to be an age in which cool deliberate discussion

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air, strong carbonate of ammonia to her nose, an occasional sprinkle of cold

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The parents of children with hypertrophied tonsils often

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the spots grow larger, the centres becoming pale, while the peri-

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The rapid rise in pneumonia curve during September can be charged

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sometimes occurs within twentv-four hours after the first attack. In

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kinds of life, affections of the mind and various accidents. Into the

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evident the eli .raeters of the fibres being somewhat like those of

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that one of the most useful purposes to which this excellent work

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Spleen almost twice its normal size. The compftrative increase of weight of this organ mast

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tation of the gastric mucous membrane, and derangement of its se-

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toms, whereas asthmatics that give reactions with Walker's extracts

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scarcely say, are exceedingly pernicious ; no less objectionable

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The temperature in typhoid fever, when it rises above

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the thighs drawn up and well separated, and the shoul-

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secured by a compress held in position by the simple

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The positive statements of the few and the impressions

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third, the medical school is operating as a medical

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what is probably the first serious study of the connection between

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bule, and I am somewhat surprised that the epithelial cells

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or by athletics, and is then confined to an office or to very narrow

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medical education, but commenced to institute measures to suppress

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ing through the spinal nerve centres, and, since the publication of

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to the medulla oblongata, so that the symptoms are not apt to become com-

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3. Printers in England and lithographers in Italy show from 400 to 300

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We have found in the stomach of an alligator, the bones and hair of an entire pig, withoota

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through it, springing from some portion of the retina, project-

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the wash, may be placed between the parts, and kept there, by

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the study of anatomy and physiology alone- — in anatomy to such

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generally recognized in persons of advanced age and ca-

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