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has so little practical interest, except in certain tropical climates, that it is

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on account of these symptoms that the patient consults a physician. The

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late rash presents no difficulty of explanation, since we know that with

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with lightning. As in rupture of the heart, death may

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later, when Dr. Lyman examined him, he found there was still

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To Contributors and Correspondents. — The allmiion < if nil vho jiurjxnie

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of my visit several interesting cases were in the wards.

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ties, particularly from knees to ankles. The right calf at its mid-

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treatise by Dr. Marris Wilson, entitled Oii Diseases of the Vesiculce Seminales

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it is unwieldy. From the practice I have had (although very limited as

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Dr. W. F. Winchester has been elected county physician for

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more, boiled threads were in no instance found to be

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was over thirty-seven inches. I am aware that this difference does not ob.

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The accessory pathological causes may be divided into

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spinal meningitis, which proved very intractable ; through the summer an epi-

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In his brief description of it, Cuvier follows Shaw.

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* medical opinion was here required. The pregnancy, if it existed, had so

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sexual intercourse, miracles attributed to the holy

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Military Surgeons of the United States, Army Medical Museum, Washington, D. C,

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the lepra or elephantiasis. In the third year the symptoms,

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question is one that has been much discussed, but is not yet settled.

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typographes. Ann. d'ocul., Par., 1894, cxii. 104-107. — •

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Complications. — Mumps is sometimes followed by complications.

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however, also justifiable to suppose that a greater quantity, either of the

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orbital roof, causing that characteristic shrinking even

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sac, and found that there was no caecum, but that the

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tuted in some cases the whole of aphasia, in others the greater

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1'bv rp^ A , Wa , tei T hich aCtS chemic <-% on the metal may soon cease to

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per cent, of patients who have suffered from malaria for

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Dr. Alexander Wood explained that his object was not

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During sleep frequent startings, tossing about of the arms, in*

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restless, the pupils were equal, of about the normal size^

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Firing was resorted to from time to time as a means of making

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all his strange vicissitudes and, as it turned out, to prepare to die.

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the public, and the government. We were a little dismayed when we found the

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