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coveries. He never met with a case in his hospital practice,

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Listerine may be relied upon to make and maintain surgically clean —

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find an ookinete which possesses the binucleate condition,

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Ixii, 503-508. Also : M6m. et compt.-rend. Soc. d. sc. m6d.

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visual images falling on the retina warn us that we are falling in a

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1. Best,C. H.,and Taylor, N.B.: The Physiological Basis of

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examinations were made by Dr. J. Haven Emerson, the talented

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there is no aura; the patient usually falls in a comfortable

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cramps of thesQ parts alternate with spasm of the glottis. Occasionally

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ing is comi)leted ulcers take the place of the Peyerian an<l solitary glflnJ».

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may not only be regarded in its active phases as a malady, but in its

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pyrexia she added considerable loss of flesh and a troublesome

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are among the native population. — Medical jYews, Oct. 14.

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Sept. 29th ; left hospital Oct. 9th. No trace of dilated veins or of the seat of

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means of ventilation not found in some of the older Hospitals,

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mass of the characteristic round cells. In one place there was found a

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drawbacks are apparent. Thus ulceration and bleeding may occur, or, if

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as relapsing fever, in which the blood is the main abode of the

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The Condition of the Blood. In almost all cases uraemia is accompanied

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speaks slowly, but is intelligent. His pupils, especially

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stay in hospital is the same as in Europe or xVmeriea.

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