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disease, which carries its baleful and degrading effects to generations yet unborn. The reflection

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the World War in the light of general medical progress, 394

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of Agrigentum, in Sicily, who was born about 490 B. C,

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other outcomes were defined as a “bad outcome.”

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vulsed. The surviving child, who had only tasted the berries, did not suffer,

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there is not imfrequently a tendency to temporary enlargement of the

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and by direct sedatives, viz., digitalis, aconite, and the veratrum viride.

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rupture takes place, probably a temporary improvement is noted;

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microscope afterwards confirmed. The nature of the tumor, the size

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manent and revulsant effect in most local inflammatory con-

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1,100 grams (35 oz.), Lecorhe a case with 1,200 grams (38 oz.), and

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Fellow of the New York Obstetrical Society, etc., etc.

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the refractility is augmented. If there is periodicity, the hair is

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the state of our naval and military Medical services comes to