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diseased mothers only, but subsequently extended to all others.

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It might have been expected that the loss of contractile power of so

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Pronograde Mammals," Hunterian Lectures, Lancet, 1910, i, pp. 1393, 1459.

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normal for thirty-four days. On the thirty-ninth day after the operation it was

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1. Meninges. — It is usual to find the vessels of the soft meninges full

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Case I. — Marie U., sat sixty years, came to autopsy with a diag-

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forms, the patient may be washed with sulphur soap, or with sulphur

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A highly effective method of reaching the diagnosis of a disease is called

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in the history of the diagnosis of malaria), lies in the fact that positive

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Silva, Martino, La constitution g^ologique du sol etc. Intemat. Congress f. Hygiene.

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grade or rate previously held; members of the Nurse Corps (female)

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