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But, admitting its authenticity, it must be acknowledged that

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can Institute of Homoeopathy. Edited by Richard Hughes,

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In 1889 Dr. Benjamin married Miss Sarah Cooper White.

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ration, slow, — 14; oppressed during sleep, no dyspnoea while

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pregnant or laboring women affected with gonorrhoea or vagi-

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Colonial Governors of Rhode Island, John Coggeshali

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Mariettc Armour, a lovely and highly accomplished lady

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in Porto Rico, after which his valued experience was requisitioned

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Alexander Skene fighting at the side of King James during

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Nasal respiration is not normal unless the following conditions exists: First,

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usual to forbid the ingestion of sour articles of diet while taking iron, but the

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Diseases of Children at the Long Island College Medical

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of physicians from all parts of this country have been benefited by

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Society of Medical Jurisprudence, and of the Physicians' Mutual Aid

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pursued a course of study along that line in Bellevue Hospital Col-

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No less satisfactory evidence of progress is found in the words

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teristic with regard to shock, inability to use the limb, denudation

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abundant fine granulated protoplasm (Fig. 4, e). A still earlier stage of the

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many cases most ably ; the many papers studiously and carefully

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than thirty years, was born at Minden, Westphalia, Germany, July

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The forty-fifth annual meeting of the Massachusetts Homoeo-

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by the allceopathic school, are unequivocally of the kind which

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Surgical Treatment of Cancer" (A. Y. Med, Jnl, 1913); "An Ex-

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"The lesson a pestilence teaches, is not only cleanliness, but

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At the afternoon session the paper of Dr. Roberts was dis-

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I cal researches, and also to his work at the Free Hospital

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at St. Luke's Hospital and consulting surgeon to Ossining Hospital,

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for the insane in many of the states in this country, as well as in

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knowledge concerning diseases and drugs ; the use of the single

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