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inflamed condition of the stomach, the lining membrane being
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practitioners have discarded this rule, but have gone,
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obscure. Endemic cretinism, however, and endemic goitre are always
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gitation, enlarged liver, marked brawny edema of legs, no dyspnea, mild break in
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tumors of the fibroid variety were successfully treated by cutting
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werp has a black-book, in which the names of all per-
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infiltration alone, the disease has been classed as an
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convulsion, and all would be over. Their chief suffering
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symptoms denoting gravity. It may exist in large quantity within the
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mixed with equal parts of alcohol, carbonate of soda, laurel-water, and
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for his pencil, when I was summoned to the death of
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Keyes. Genito-Urinaiy Diseases, including Syphilis. Cloth, $5.00; sheep
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testicles were no doubt involved ;■ but the condition
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(T.) Kliiiisclie nnd experinientelle Untersucbungen iilier
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dealing with young and beginning criminals is attract-
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mixed infection due to gonorrhoea and possibly other
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Hospital during the ten years ending December 31, 1850, there
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in selected cases." Krumbhaar studied 152 cases, of which 19.6 per cent,
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give rise to serious symptoms, but the incident is a reminder that this
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temperate climate. Best treatment, autogenous vaccina-
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&tally in the course of the second week, the tongue, with the exception
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prompt and continuous administration of large doses
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has thus got intimately mingled with the mucus contained in the
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sure — the normal relation between these three — established.
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Smith— The Teeth and How to Save them, by Dr. L. P. Meredith— Cum-
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Tonics of iron and strychnine have improved the condition.
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may become considerable by reason of the long continuance of the
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as an after-dinner speaker or when called upon to carry out any
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comparing tlieir impressions, unit(^ in the o])inion that the
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bodily symptoms are on the opposite side of the median line,
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lock among its officials, which has prevented the organization
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reconsider their definition of insanity, though we do not wish
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signed to them, and that they are in number sufficient for the wants of the sick.
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duced by a foreign body entering the lower air-passages
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and between the muscle itself and the bone — are stimulated
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his confidence, without any reserve, in his medical attendants.
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Sir: Believing that it is not your intention to give expres-
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care. The subject, a man, aged 52, was brought into Hos-
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the stools, salivation, emaciation, and gastric distui'bances, may be due
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in such cases. Possibly the cases were too recent, and the venous
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asked, why was he deprived of his legs by natural selection when they
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