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essentially in the fact that the loss of muscular power is due to an atro-
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and had ruptured into the pleural cavity. The whole pleural sac was
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cle" would be the fitter name for the disease, since one of its most
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without operation as I will presently speak of, you may
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a recent lecture, as to statistical reasoning; namely, that conclu-
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Secondly. There was no change in the appearance of the
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the scaliness of scalp and falling off of hair, and the lack of sen-
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combined with opium and other medicines, and patients labouring under
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in a basket outside the laboratory, and was covered
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the active principle of creosote, was curative of phthisis in its earlier
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tribute are our own physical and psychological tes-
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of enteric fever, described by Dr. Gibney, of New York,
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tinuous, and occasionally were 'separated by fine lines.
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densely albuminous and fibrinous; whilst the most thinly al-
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ask her to complete it; 2 ) after completion by the patient,
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ointment containing equal parts of resorcin and vaseline. The urine
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month of November, and of course they thii.k that is the
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I have ever used, and am certain that it will be the angesthetic of the future.
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Water-closets are best. They may discharge into cess-pools, or
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thorities generally — when speaking of this exceedingly an-
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(percent a<^es of respiratory infe(;tions ai'e: (xeill 88.2, Still 51.3,
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equal in size, regTdar in outline and react promptly to light and ac-
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hygienic surroundings, carefully r^ulating the feeding, and giving the
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istics in the sharp definition of the patches and their raised surface.
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Treatment with thymol and calomel is said to be of value in
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more speedily reduced to normal, but the discomfort of the
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ww.V carry with it infecting germs, and thus change
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School or Schools. 4. Of having attended one course of
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characteristic phenomena. At the end of from thirty-six to
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patient. Again, one or more negative examinations mean nothing
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apply the term diabetes to such cases. As maintained
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From SaWs Journal of Health, 42 Irving Place. $1 a year.
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In support of the contention he quotes the following case : It was
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of a pin, retained in its position by a small quantity of tow or
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indicates weakness of the heart, except in mitral stenosis, as I have already
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English, exceptions and fallacies, — is nevertheless valuable ; but
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ulcers if great care is not taken to protect the tender part.
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adelphia ; Chairman oj the Committee oj Arrangements,
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