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survived in our memory as the famous Indian remedies
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niacroscopically. At the anterior borders a series of air-blebs, resembling a
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It is likely the ABC would sanction the tournament, if it is
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out the day and at night ; but she had no headache. The pupils were
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31. D., M. R. I. A., Ex-Scholar of Trinity College, Dublin ; Professor of Mid-
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less extent in coffee, commonly leads to a condition of
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’ Harrison and White list 14 as cured clinically by surgery
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minute and at least four such clysters are given in twenty-four
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The courage and self sacrifice of the medical actors,
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peritoneum,"we hardly think the possibility of its having become separated
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There appears to be as yet very few regular meteorological
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I allude to the resinous tincture of Indian hemp, and to chloro-
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venous injection of normal salt-solution and hypodermic
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earlier stage ; but a minimum of forty-eight hours may be fairly accepted.
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Deneffe, Prof., on camphor with bromine as a sedative 275
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nearly solved have been colonies like Bielefeld, in Ger-
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lot cast upon the terra incognita of the map of pathological science.
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Xow, does phthisis pulmonalis prevail among them more than among
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or even oftener if necessary. The formula which Besson has
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have worked in the mines for forty years, and have never been
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Fisher (O.) Sewerage of the dwelling Rep. Bd. Health
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was determined by the Kflnig method and pepsin-insoluble nitrogen
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depressions, about a quarter of an inch deep, the skin having a brown colour
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wounded at Mayaguez, P. R., August 10, 1898. Wound of entrance, iiuiei- side,
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scabbed, and indurated lesions of an ecthymatous character. It is
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an independent opinion for many teachers claim they can.
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thyroid arteries and the thyroidea ima (in about 10 per cent, of cases), and is
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that Vincent was dealing with an example of the true disease there
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Table 1 shows the classification of the streptococci based on heniol-
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1. The epinephrin reaction of Kreibich.^ The oxidase granules of
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doses can be given without the intolerance which appears when similar
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the work is arranged and instruction is begun on that day.
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Also: Med. &. Surg. Reporter, Phila., 1890, Ixii, 36-39.—
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Sanitary Superintendent at Jamaica, L. I. — Plealth
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most careful manipulation was followed by copious hsemor-
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general, and having a scarcely less direct bearing upon your
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segmented; parasitic in liver, lungs, blood, intestine, occasionally
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