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taken care of during the day, by his mother, an old woman. The
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though they may be going on to the base hospital in
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tion ; and it has thus been advantageously employed in some cases of amen-
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effected by reparative changes in the episcleral tissue,
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and bark above the incisions began to lose their freshness ; and on the sixth,
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The mucous membranes line all those passages by which inter-
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broken down. A gravy is formed, containing a portion of fat and
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be forbidden in some cases. In amylaceous dyspepsia, with or
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eyes, light hair, and a delicate physical confirmation, and all
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Hi^-ri Ekni. A. M., M. D., Chemistry and Toxicology.
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Association was formed. A faithful picture of the last century of this
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fixed upon the clock, the hand of which had not perceptibly moved.
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been re-produced, obstructing the nasal passage, so as to pre-
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capillaries, the arterial blood is changed into venous. That
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Indiana Medical College during the session of 1848-9.
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these things." Assuredly, something should be done other than
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bullet (Mauser) entered the right orbit and destroyed
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be sure that you have transgressed the bounds temperance
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May Ladies^ Home Journal, '* There is no practice of man
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been already sown, and maturing its products, than by lending the mind
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All or nearly all the popular reports of death from Chloroform
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some individuals retain the perception of pain after the loss of
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Chester McCallum, of Auburn ; Secretary, Dr. P. A. Knight, of Utica ;
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deavored to dislocate the head of the bone. I first tried adduction r
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2d. That the portion called descending colon and sigmoid flexure has a
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ment of positive facts — rendered simple by their analogy to