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within the last few years, epidemic infiueuza ; but

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characters of this secretion are described^ naturally enough,

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markedly absent in the cases now under consideration.

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complete loss of digestive power, and great prostration of the muscular and nerrous

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ward and then upward in the posterior parts of the lateral columns

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to these alterations, and even on simple albuminuria ; (2,) Pulmonary

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since then she has been blind. The tension in both eyes was

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Verwendbarkeitdes Aethylendiaminsilberphosphats in der

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it will be seen, the supply of air is entirely inadequate and the

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which lacerate the tissues show an inflammatory reaction com-

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are supported by connective tissue and orbital fat. The connective tissue

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mania is one of the graver manifestations of ner\ous ex-

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The objectionable reflection of snow, the disturbance of vision

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Naval Intelligence.— (?i^iaZ Lht of Changes in the Medi-

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ance of various animals as to variations in the toxicity of the

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Berkeley Murray, M.D., of Tenbury. Worcestershire, eldest -

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The provision of these systematic courses of instruction, seems to

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the choice of men who shall present these important addresses

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Fourteen cases of diphtheria were admitted to hospital, 9 were

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are not so acute as at earlier periods. The patients are likely to show

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with preservation of life is far greater than was formerly

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America — phthisis is almost unknown (Lombard, vol. iv. p. 420). Eleva-

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The provision of these systematic courses of instruction, seems to

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The tongue becomes heavily furred, and nausea and vomiting are

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to burn carbohydrates, as in diabetes. Thus starvation or a carbo-

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mainly due to overcrowding, the city in question being the

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to enable liim to express any opinion on this point

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white cells, 9,500. The coagulation time (by Sir A. E. Wright's coagulometer)

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sick hold back the well ; and the nation is burdened by an army of

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literally loved them to death. This is the fate of one-

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which the disease depends finds more propitious con-

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adults, and 54.94 in the aged. Constitution | oess which he has discovered. Dr. Brinton

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the zoologist agreed to ascertain whether changes com-

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rate. Their children are more likely to smoke than children bom to non-smoking