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1 Leon Sourdillo, La lithiase r(5nalo primitive. Arch. gin. de chir., Sepleinber, 1907.

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sounds." To remove this objection, we shall only quote the

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sion, and to keep informed of the activities of the

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him by inoculation — as it rightly was — before the protective

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cercaria usually exhibited hy the trematodes. Later, it may be-

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many opponents in Grermany also, I will briefly state my position in

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the deficiency in the flour. On the other hand, if the man ate a pound

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duties of such a board, in addition to those involved

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best to use hot blankets, hot bags of salt may be substituted. If

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at necropsy, two cases confirmed by Roentgen-ray ex-

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the coloring matter of the blood. On the other hand, the effusion of coagulable plastic

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plete type of this pathological condition is afforded in cases of death from

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the discovery of albumiuuria and its connection with general dropsy, and

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So if you include as secondary operations those made

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Case II. — A lad about twelve years of age, who had a

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He came into my office this afternoon with a hemorrhage from

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order to vindicate his professional character and conduct in reference to the

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great difficulty, and it should be employed much more widely than it is.

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labio-glosso-pharyngeal ])aralysis. This forms a group

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of this fluid are mixed with 500 cc. of a JQ- solution of silver nitrate.

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in the right side ; she spent a month in the Lying-in Institution

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to sixty bodies are buritd, such pits remaining open

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and Serum Therapi/. I have the honor of being quoted by

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and started in her sleep. Meningitis was diagnosed, but each patient

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learn this first lesson always in cases of narcotic ])ois-

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factory statement of the case to say^ that ^' with the greatest care

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Third, age 27, mechanic, fell from a high window during infancy.

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the calculus. Under the first comes particularly the examina-

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In mild cases, convalescence takes place immediately after this stage.

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ing fibre-cells ; the gland-cells had large, round nuclei

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II. Fungi of genus Penicillium : Penicillium. montoyai Castellani

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be found very full and minute directions taken from the work of Bruns,

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or hemorrhagic effusions. Cysts provided with an epithelial lining he regards as

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are filled with grayish, soft substance, at first sight resembling

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Art. XVIII. — Case of long-continued Vomiting, &c. &c,