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epilepsy later in life; in other w^ords, the nervous system has been sus-

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few years the practice upheld by Dr. Rush, Dr. Brown, and the schools

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7. Martin JE Jr, Lewis JS: Anisomycin: Improved antimycotic activity in modi-

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time. An effort to rise from bed would increase the

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little connection with the lymphatic system, and as far as se-

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a week, there was no inflammation, ulceration, or softening o( the mourn

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Does our general information, as far as it goes, bear

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39° on the 6th, and 37.2° on the 7th. Suffusion of the conjunctivce, ears, and

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digging in a soil containing the specific ferment increases

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Those and other physiological observations made on men undergoing

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Contagion of Cholf.ra.— Sir: Allow me to call the attention of

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Changes in the mucous membrane result from the stasis of the con-

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of nervous excitement which are assumed to follow upon the administration of

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Carnaiian, Jas. L., 4739, Los Angeles, Med. Dept. Univ. Wooster, Ohio, Feb. so, 1874.

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siders it thoroughly impossible that mechanical transmission alone could

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given in doses 700 times the human dose There are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant

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ferric oxide. The Webster process, therefore, although

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are due to the development of seborrhceal organisms in the scales at the

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poor children, has presented a like plant to Philadelphia, which

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Amebas do not colonize or pile up on each other, and they remain

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as. ifii't path r Indicative of tubercular meningitis.

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for such posts ; and as the health and efficiency of

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motile organs ; and the infusoria move by means of cilia. When

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simply becomes coloured. It is by no means easy in all cases to obtain from

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position. It generally ceases during sleep, and supervenes on hemiplegia

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seventh month, more frequently running on for some weeks after confine-