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1 Arch, f . Hygiene, vol. xxx, and Zeit. f . anal. Chemie, 1898, part 4, and Pharm.
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negative facts ; because, for one witness that sees a man killed,
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Medical and Physical Journal, as an Irish lady of rank, where
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use of tincture of the chlorid of iron, dihited with water and glycerin,
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of the patient. In the first place, no mention is made
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period. This condition was noticeable even after cooking. "One
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fever tracheotomy had to be performed. By means of the
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with hot water fomentations, and injections of mild astringents,
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than conclusions only, so that the reader may judge the
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municates the movements from one disk to the other.
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morphia acts more rapidly, and its effects last longer than those of opium admin-
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tion is temporarily removed, the bile again flows into
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The following gentlemen presented certificates as delegates
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not because *^ their foramen oyales is as yet unclosed,*^ ^ and a com-
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be of a dark blue or purple. To the state of the brain in syncope
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culiarly American in regard to the nature and treatment of dis-
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administer antitoxin to neutralize the free toxins which may still be
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were applied and she was again confined to bed during six weeks.
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tricles are practically empty and are deprived of suflicient
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duration of the treatment, and the ultimate usefulness
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mon in occurrence, they are apt to be followed by conse-
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didn't return blanks to me as promptly as I thought they would.
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there should exist, not only in the same country, but in the
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Dr. W. S. Halsted thought that, irrespective of the question
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acidosis in the earlier stages. More striking still was Case 23, a young
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as to healthful living and treatment, because of in-
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dition of diminished or depressed nervous vitality, from
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ing of the tuberculous patients now in the City Hos-
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through which he can without difficulty examine the con-
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five pills, with the view to relieve the primce vioi quickly. Quinine was given
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the Profession, my own experience strongly testifies to the very
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Local tenderness is frequently present near the seat of the
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nutritious solids, rigidly excluding flatulent materials, and a small allow-
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an intermittent -per se — after quinia has failed — ^logically
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bility of the stomach, the remedy be not retained when given by the
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which the disease was contracted by accidental inoculation, as by con-
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on Friday, May 11th, at 4 p.m. ; Dr. Hetley of Nor-