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promoted to be major. Promotion through the intermediate
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beats. The patient at once fell into, unconsciousness as
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cause, until, at the present time, the doctrine is generally accepted.
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his present leave of absence, otdered before the Aimy
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long been notorious, it has been observed that men, labouring
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£1200. It was not long before it amounted to just under
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the way of death. This is one difficulty. Here is another. Undue
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covered at the necropsy. So confident was he she had uterine fibroid,
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in the health of humanity. The Devil was able to in-
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the remedy. I have found sabina very useful, also mitchella
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No such error should occur in this case, as the entire
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his present leave of absence, otdered before the Aimy
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sented by General Winter — that you come into the Association of
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Dr. T. H. Stucky : I have seen this several times, but not so marked.
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stances whatever, I think, can a trained observer confound
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1. As regards chronic heart disease, the significance of murmurs
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Withering has advifed. He condemns any endeavour to excite
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is increased in proportion as the quantity of blood in the intra-cranial
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bladder containing hot oil may be applied to the tendons. Cupping with scarificators is to
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will find instances of both these results in Dr. Goodhart's paper in the
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tion of urine and feces. A few seconds or minutes are consumed by the
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pneumonia. This has been his practice since 1893. Although
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Secretary of the Treasury has amended the quarantine
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Who were these people ? Without borrowing from Ptolemy
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idly up to a maximum of fifteen grains daily. A good way to
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such a consummation is something most earnestly de-
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bleeding spot is being dealt with. If the bleeding is
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to sixteen ounces. Dr. Broadbent quite corroborated the
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The mechanical result of coughing must, of course, be irri-
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poison acting primarily upon the vital fluid and affecting secondarily
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in the subcutaneous oeUular tuwue, differing in that from nsvus
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the likelihood of its oflScers not being swayed by local influences —
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separates naturally, and is practically wiped away in one of the
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If the bowels are uneasy and straitened, gentle laxative medicines
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Q. You spoke of the selective action of the stomach; does
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ments of the hypertrophied glands ; 2, embryonal, formed from embryo-
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and nothing to suggest disease of the right side of the
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representatives from at least five different clinical depart-