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and consists almost entirely of senanthic ether, as produced
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both cases \ Do not the same molecular forces come into play
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the filling up of the gap by a flap from the forehead
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Geranin, Ilydrastin, Hydrastine, Apocynin, Gelsemiiy Caulophyllin, Capsi-
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tion in it, of substances which would have found a ready exit through
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But if the operation be delayed, it will be performed too late : if
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num did not admit the sound ; but, as is frequently seen with the
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to the sternum ; the effusion of blood took place at this moment,
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original symptoms with increased violence, and it was evident
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A. M. M. D., author of w The Microscopist," " Curiosities of tht
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stance of the brain, lacerating its dense fibrous envelope-, not
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justify its systematic and continued administration. Possibly
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Peach whisky is fashionable. Where does the peach come
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Yal-de-Grace, after an amputation of the thigh, the stump having
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efforts, it was deemed best to give the patient an anodyne,
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the anomalies in the phenomena of pulsation on record, even
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maining in abeyance not less than /orty years, and interfering but
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education, nursing, and medical legislation, so fully did he
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of the disease, and which is undoubtedly fibrine in an aplastic or
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monia and enteritis (as well as near other local inflammations) to the
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make its effects uncertain. A specimen obtained from Damascus contained
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rooms of the affluent, No patients are so subject to pulmo-
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glowing tribute to the memory of the great Pasteur, in which he
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be mapped out by the restriction of the visual field as
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intelligent practitioner, of a case, in a neighboring city, in
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In reference to the dose of two hundred drops, or one-fourth of
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the member of the American Medical Association who shall
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