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i.e., the patients have not been personally seen and inspected,
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the tendency to pulmonary complications greatly lessened, especially
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Topp recommends hot baths in bronchitis. Drs. A. Jacobi and
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pressure, followed, if not by renal changes, which really often
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know. However, ajiart from any consiileration <>f the rights of the
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ural protective forces, either temporarily or permanently, check the
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As to the chemical nature of ptomaines we know but little,
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the trial ? No one willingly, probably, but some poor jungle-
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man Thompson* may be of interest. Dr. Thompson etherized several
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(5) Meningitis. — In striking contrast with the specific typhoid symp-
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from the warm bath lies in its action upon the skin. The perspiration
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the plaques now present a characteristic reticulated appearance (plaques
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brawny ridge, which can be seen and felt. While the inflammation is
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fornia, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, and Virginia furnish a
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one-half centimetres in thickness at its widest part, and one centi-
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Tirged during an epidemic, although the disease is too mild to
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and practised by Delafield and Peabody, of the College of Physicians
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plied for hydriatic treatment. The accompanying picture (a) shows the pa-
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who never even knew he had a nerve or felt a nervous twang
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may alike become contaminated and cause epidemic prevalence of the
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" Formanek made some exact observations on this point also on a
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ralled by the breakers and strewn, figuratively, upon the
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induced in animals by inoculation with saliva. It is present in about 90
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the bath. Not being submerged, the face can be rendered cyanotic
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Other zymotic diseases are rare here, and have been rare,
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restricted. The urine is examined every day, and the even-
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doubtless an interruption of the blood supply to the brain and to the
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occur in about 1 per cent, of the cases. In a case which I ' reported
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The white coagulates at 163'', and the yolk at 167°. A cod-
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value in many cases of purely local treatment indicates that the abode
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vide infra) usually appear, and then all doubt is removed. In atypical
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and the clinical picture is composed of the general features only.