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a state of mania, chloroform answers best. If the wound progress satis-

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a man of the name of Warburton, for having practised as

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went by the name of Theriacum, was composed of the fol-

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but it is safer, in dealing with patients in this country, to dilute it con-

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are not dilated sweat-ducts, but are very similar to the vesicular lesions

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his life? We were intent on making our fortunes. We

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the stick itself being a sign that the phlebotomist has at hand

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to paralysis in traumatism, he says that just as an injury may produce

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The ganglion cells of the spinal cord have been found shrunken in

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fiat plates (X. planum), or as nodules or lumps (X. tuberosum). In respect

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horizontal, or in an arm thus supported during deep sleep ; drooping is

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in their peripheral half with yellow-coloured streaks, and are curiously

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readily when overlaid or otherwise pressed upon. Even the tongue is

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similar way. All these cases of blindness or imperfect central vision may

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Hebra's disease, denied that it had any connection whatever with

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nerves, and to do harm rather than good. It is also of great importance

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complicate such diseases as lupus and lichen planus ; and black warty

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Although nocturnal outbreaks will always suggest the possibility of

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disease with tetany when dealing with the clinical aspect of our subject.

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an acrid, irritating property, due probably to the large quantity of salttt

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There is a general consensus of opinion that no one of these changes

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and produce swellings and disintegration of its cell elements. The pus

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in Fleet Street, near Temple Bar, in 1665, dismissed his

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the white matter of the two hemispheres, the corpus striatum and optic

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growths may arise from abrasions resulting from intra-uterine pemphigoid

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room, and which are often called "strained back," etc., of necessity do

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affections (Thibierge), prove that some morbid nervous influence may be

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bluish papules, with the flat, smooth, shining tops and underlying white

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181 5, it shall not be lawful for any person (except persons

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liminary trial of the effect of change is very great. We must be assured

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Chron. 1897. — 10. Graham. "Contribution to the Clinical Study of Scleroderma,"

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rare ; yet in a few cases there may be not only rectus clonus, but the

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1891) describes the case of a handloom weaver, aged 56, who lost the