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Polymyositis and polyneuritis have been reported by Jessen, coming on
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16 on the left. Rupture into the oesophagus has occurred.
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demic is sure to occur. If the beds are far apart, with plenty of air space,
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is common and is associated with double vision. The upper and lower
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at rest, either by a long splint or sand-bags, and care should be taken with
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4. Friendly cooperation between the physician and surgeon is important.
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toms usually improve rapidly; delirium lessens, muscular tremors diminish
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no local application, such as turpentine stupes, has been used.
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with or without ammonium chloride may be used in older children, and
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the intensity of the disease. They may be slight or very prominent. In a
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These tables show a fact long well recognized, namely, that the majority
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of the dry variety and usually occurs in the extremities. (4) With venous
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manner in which cold reduces resistance has not yet received a satisfactory
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to avoid inoculation during accidental disease from travel or change of con-
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intubation cases was 44 per cent, as compared with 73.60 in Bourdillat's
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ing to the age and insurance duration shows this increased
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Japanese- Chinese war (1894-1895) we had 10,681 patients (of whom 1157
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generally soft, and sometimes contains infarctions. The organisms may be