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blood in the stool, singly or combined, alternating


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trf me injury of the bone with severe infection, dis-

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the psychology if not to the intellect of the patient.

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the child in transit, to which practically every part

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attention was not called to the condition of the uterus.

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tion of any distended joint, since practically all the

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not be left in the peritoneum, as they may cause in-

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Trcatnient.- — On admission patients were given a

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change in the blood as a result of the action of some

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This latter observation, if confirmed, is very important, and

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outfits of a one per cent, solution of nitrate of silver.

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HoL.MEs. — In Georgetown, Mass., on Monday, May 19th.

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It is said that the intestinal canal of the parrot is

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other side of my head ; for two hours after I fell I was more or

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Frank. — In New York, N. Y., on Sunday, March 16th,

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very start the lethargy did not seem akin to stupor.

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served rectangular tables, occasionally a rhomboid or rather

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Having satisfied oneself that there is a reasonably

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of the gland, advances, the rest of the person grows thinner by

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expiration, of extrasystolic arrhythmia in which the

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If economics insists upon drawing the color line in

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may be acting on the blood at the same time in such

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eight days. Her respiration was at all times easy and natural, but

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given to any but those whose experience in urologi-

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a special report, it seems to me that the cases to be

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adage, "It is better to wear out than to rust out."

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the sudden death of the man. For it is probable, that the portion

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way, reaction is assured and the patient rarely fails

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present. Convulsions are rare in adults ; ptosis is

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ly, the stages of cerebral excitement, the transitional

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place" and he is quick to detect the results of any

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of the affected part was undertaken. The wound which existed

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