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afraid of perforating the hepatic artery with the needle. A drainage-
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not only the letters, as we shall see, but also to a certain extent the number of the
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dry ; the diarrhoja, which preceded vomiting, was character-
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and, under the microscope, masses of syncytial tissue were
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The palpebral branches go to the muscle, conjunctiva, and tegu-
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Read before the Chicago Medical Society, jfune 6, iSSf,
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At the same time the pulse becomes firmer and fuller, its dicrot-
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cation of Dr. Mercer's letter was through the agency of
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1 part of sulphate of iron in 6 of water. Blue. A solution of
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clinic each week throughout the year on diseases of children.
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In the great majority of cases other skin deformities are present.
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customers just entering the field. Price, $1.25 per dozen sheets.
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who, in 1794, first gave us a definition for diabetes insipidus when he
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owe this great service in the study of disease to Dr. Wunderlich,
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wore regarded as special symptoms of nervous exhaus-
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in the last ten years). Even if the number of unreported
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the President of the Society, the Speaker and Vice-
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